Ryan Cash

Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it


My name is Ryan Cash. I live in downtown Toronto, right by the water.

I love driving, camping, photography, traveling, writing, snowboarding, and discovering new music. I love creating new things and working with great people.

Here’s a giant photo of my face:

What I do

I’m the Founder of Snowman

Snowman’s mission is to build apps that people can enjoy everyday – to stay more organized, to be more productive, and to have more fun.

We started with Checkmark, a reminder app for iPhone that specializes in location-based reminders. We then built Circles, a memory game for iPhone and iPad. Our most recent project was Super Squares, a puzzle game for both iPhone and iPad. Most recently we launched Checkmark 2, a brand new version of Checkmark built from the ground-up for iOS 7 and packed with new features. Currently we’re hard at work on Alto’s Adventure.

What I used to do

I started working at Marketcircle back in May, 2007 – right before the first-ever iPhone was announced. I started off there in sales but quickly moved on to direct the company’s marketing.

At Marketcircle I wore many hats; creative director for the website, PR liaison, advertising and media buyer, copywriter, and so on. I helped them successfully launch 6 new major products, including Billings 3, Billings Touch, Billings Pro, Daylite for iPhone & iPad, and finally, Daylite 4.

I left Marketcircle at the end of April 2012 to focus on Snowman. 


Twitter: @ryanacash

Photography: Flickr and 500px


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